Career  Readiness
For University students,
Graduates & Unemployed youth

Our Program

The program aims to empower and inspire students and fresh graduates by providing them with the training, mentorship, and the network needed to achieve their professional goals and aspirations in a number of pre-identified fields. The program provides participants with soft and hard professional skills, as well as on-going networking opportunities to harness their talents, identify career paths in their respective fields of interest, pursue and maintain employment opportunities in their careers of choice, and pursue, maintain, and utilize a professional network to advance their career aspirations. Throughout the program, participants are put in touch with a number of Arab role models who experienced adversity and prevailed. Learning about role models’ journeys, be it first hand interactions or through case studies, inspires participants and motivates them to take action.

The programs are delivered by Arab role models and leading professionals from partner companies and institutes. Both of them have demonstrated experience and a number achievements in their respective fields, in addition to a proven track record in youth engagement, mentoring and empowerment. Partners have first hand experience in overcoming challenges and adversity whether it be on a personal or professional level.

Participants are expected to achieve the following goals throughout the training program:

  • Identify what excellence means to them
  • Study the qualities and attributes of successful Arab role models
  • Formulate a vision of who and what they aspire to become (in a personal and professional capacity)
  • Develop a roadmap with concrete steps to pursue and achieve this vision
  • Identify and actively pursue a career of choice
  • Build a professional online presence through LinkedIn and other online professional platforms
  • Proactively network and seek out mentors to guide them while pursuing their goals
  • Analyse their strengths and areas of improvement and take proactive steps to address any gaps they may have in knowledge, skills, attitudes or practices that could be holding them back from achieving (i) excellence, (ii) success in entrepreneurship or (iii) securing fulfilling and rewarding jobs
  • Execute their entrepreneurial projects and actively pursue their professional goals

Upon completion of the program all students will:

  • Have identified and established a clear career roadmap
  •  Be expected to find employment in their respective fields of interest –     Arab Excellence, along with a number of partner organizations and private sector organisations on the ground, will provide training, support and a network to all participants as they integrate the labour market
  • Have significantly enhanced their professional skills and increased their employability
  • Have gained a deep understanding of how to proactively and successfully approach their career aspirations
  • Have understood the importance of having a professional online presence and have established one tailored to their chosen field
  • Have understood the importance of networking and have developed effective networking skills and approach
  • Be linked to a number of mentors who are capable and willing to support their professional endeavours
  • Be part of and supported by a global network of Arab Excellence alumni, coaches, and mentors

Examples of funders and Partners

Impact on Participants

The program had an impact on the particpants on multiple aspects including: employability, self-awareness, professional vision, pro-activity and networking skills. These results represent the average score of 90 participants who attended the program.

Level of awareness of participants of skills to improve in order  to reach their full potential and purpose in life


Participants were able to secure internships, short-term or long-term employment within 2 months after completing the program


Participants have a clearer purpose and professional vision by the end of the program


Participants were able to expand their professional network

Impact – Success Stories

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