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For many youth in the MENA region, they struggle to picture positive role models that reflect their own backgrounds and culture—leaving some of them isolated, alienated, and vulnerable to criminal and extremist recruitment. That is one of the reasons why, in 2013 , Arab Excellence was founded. 

As a teenager, were you inspired by an Arab entrepreneur, athlete or artist? Probably not since very few are known to the public. This is a problem because without role models to follow, teenagers and young adults tend to think that success is not possible in the Arab world. And yet, many Arabs excel at what they’re doing and have stories as impressive as their successes. Most Arab success stories are not celebrated and not known to the public, which lead many young Arabs to think that the only way to succeed is to go abroad.

Before delivering coaching and impact programs, Arab Excellence was initially created in January 2013 to spotlight models of excellence and achievement and prove to young Arabs that success is indeed possible in the region. 

We believe that The words ‘success and achievement’ have to become ordinary in the Arab youths’ minds so that more take initiatives and risks.

We believe it’s important to create a positive and inspiring environment, one where young Arabs are not afraid to dream, to set ambitious goals, and to work hard to reach them. We have in the MENA region so many success stories. All we need is to reveal those stories and share them with the youth to multiply those stories in the future.

About These Arab excellence role models

  • For us, Excellence doesn’t necessarily mean financial success or fame, we look for people who became respected experts in their field and who are changing the world in a positive way. We look for people with positive values of humility, honor and respect and  who are trying to help the community.
  • This is NOT a community based initiative. For us, Arab simply means being originally from a country in which one of the official language is Arabic – mainly in the MENA region.


Inspiring Arab Role models 


Coming from 25 countries


Excelling in 30+ Different sectors and professions


hours of inspiring video content

Examples of role models in Arab Excellence

Countries Covered 

Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates


Silicon Valley - USA

New York





United Kingdom











South Korea





“I would like to thank you for the kind invitation to participate in your Arab Excellence initiative. I admire the project you and your colleagues have started and wish you much success”
Late Dr. Ahmed Zewail

Nobel Prize of Chemistry

“Arab Excellence instills in today’s youth hope and faith in their ability to achieve their dreams and their goals.
In Morocco, they are perpetuating the heritage of pioneers like Nawale El Moutawakeel and Hicham El Guerrouj. They provide todays’ young generation with self-confidence and hope for their future”

Thomas Bach

President of the International Olympic Commitee

“I think that the Arab Excellence program is in crucial need in this part of the world. Stories and real experiences of people that are close to us and that we can relate to can really change how you view things.”
Omar Samra

Youngest Arab to climb the Everest and to go to Space

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