“Here I have realised that the secret to achieve excellence is within me”

Abdullah – 2017 Participant

“thanks to Arab Excellence I have come to understand myself more than I did throughout my entire life”

Ahmed – 2017 Participant

“A dream is just a dream, a vision is a reality waiting to happen”

M. Qahtani – World champion in Public Speaking – Arab Exellence Role Model

“I feel like I can do anything if I just try. You need to visualize your goals and persevere to make them happen.”

Ella – 2018 Participant

INSPIRING & Empowering YOUTH to realize their inner potential AND achieve their life purpose with full conviction and passion

Role Models, coaches and mentors


hours of training, coaching & mentorship delivered


Job creation / career developpment within 3 months of program completion

Programs Delivered for/with

approved internationally by charity aid foundation of America

Founded in 1992, Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF Americais a US 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to make giving internationally and domestically safe, easy, and effective for US donors.

In March 2021, CAF America’s Eligibility Committee has determined that Arab Excellence is eligible to receive grants from CAF America Until March 23, 2023. US Donors are able to make tax-effective gifts to CAF America with Arab Excellence as the grant recipient.

Through CAF, BANK OF AMERICA has awarded Arab Excellence a grant to support the youth in the MENA region


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