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The program aims to empower and inspire underprivileged youth (men and women) in Saudi Arabia by providing them with the training, mentorship, and network needed to achieve their professional goals and aspirations in a number of pre-identified fields. The program will provide the participants with soft and hard professional skills, as well as on-going networking opportunities to sharpen their talents, identify career opportunities in their respective field of interest, pursue and maintain employment opportunities in their career of choice, as well as pursue, maintain, and utilize a professional network to advance their career aspirations. Throughout the program, the participants will be introduced to and engaged with a number of Arab role models, who have experienced adversity and prevailed. Learning about role models’ journeys, be it first hand interactions or through case studies, is hoped to inspire the participants and motivate them to action. For greater impact, Arab Excellence in collaboration with existing partner organizations on the ground will identify the major academic and professional specialities within underprivileged communities’ youth, and will design and deliver training programs catering to the pre-selected/identified fields and professional preferences. The program will be facilitated by Arab role models and leading professionals from partner companies and institutes in Saudi Arabia. Both will have demonstrated experience and achievements in their respective fields, as well as youth engagement, mentoring and empowerment. Partners will also have a first hand experience in overcoming challenges and adversity personally and/or professionally. The role models and trainers database is being built based on extensive research and in-depth interviews with inspirational, self-made Arab role models who live in MENA and abroad. Their talents and expertise include entrepreneurship, business, finance, venture capitalism, art, medicine, music and sports.  Their personal and professional experience will nurture a ‘mind-set of excellence’ and provide participants with the inspiration, education, tools, and network they need to define and shape their future careers.
Omar Samra

Omar Samra

adventurer, entrepreneur, and speaker

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