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Saudi Youth for an Empowering Future

After successful pilot programs delivered across the Kingdom, a new program called « Saudi Youth for an Empowered Future » has just been launched in Riyadh by Arab Excellence, with the support of the J.P. Morgan, in partnership with Tanweel, Bunyan and Al Nahda.

The 10-month program aims to empower and inspire 74 young, underprivileged Saudi women and men by providing them with the training, mentorship, and networking opportunities needed to achieve their professional goals and aspirations and thus successfully transition into the labour market .

“It’s inspiring to see how these talented young Saudis are really taking onboard the important life-lessons they’re learning through the ArabExcellence program, and are already putting them into practice to achieve their professional goals” said HRH Prince Faisal al Faisal, Managing Director of Tanweel

The program itself is being facilitated by Arab role models, and leading professionals from partner companies and institutes in Saudi Arabia. These are people who have experience, have demonstrated achievement in their respective fields, and have shown a talent for youth engagement, mentoring and empowerment. Their first-hand experience of overcoming challenges and adversity personally and/or professionally guides their work with the young participants who may be facing similarly daunting challenges in their lives.

Over 100 young Saudi men and women, in Riyadh, Jeddah and the Eastern Province, have already benefitted from the ArabExcellence program, during a pilot phase supported by Tanweel earlier this year. The pilot phase involved collaboration with a number of Saudi partners including Effat and Al Faisal Universities, the Al Birr Charity and the Al Ghad Youth Association.

“Our post-program research shows that of those who participated in the pilot phase of ArabExcellence here in Saudi Arabia, 90% secured meetings with potential mentors to sharpen their vision and build a career roadmap, 93% now have a clear professional vision, and 85% have improved their technical and soft skills, since completing the program. That’s a great result!” said Hamza Chraibi, President and Founder of Arab Excellence

The support for Arab Excellence is part of a global investment by JPMorgan Chase of $200 million, which is designed to create pathways to opportunity in the regions where they do business by supporting financial capability and development of communities, workforce, and small business. In KSA, J.P. Morgan supports programs that help youth prepare and successfully transition into quality employment, compete in the global economy and find new pathways to economic opportunity, particularly in the private sector.

About Tanweel

Tanweel is a non-profit organization offering innovative and effective solutions to empower youth in Saudi Arabia. We aim to provide young people with the support and guidance they need to fulfil their potential and pursue a rewarding future that capitalizes on their natural talents.

Our goal is to support youth from all segments of the community, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, to develop the skills, attitudes and approaches that equip them to overcome challenges and make the most of new opportunities.

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About Bunyan

Bunyan is a local non-profit agency founded by a number of Saudi female entrepreneurs in Riyadh with the sole intention of helping families reach financial and economic independence.

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About Al Nahda

A 55 year-old non-profit organization in Saudi Arabia dedicated to empowering Saudi women economically by advocating for their access to opportunity and full participation in the country’s economy.
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