Bootcamp series for UAE University students, incubator program and Staff

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Arab Excellence: Strategic Partner of the Science  & Innovation Park : United Arab Emirates University

The Science & innovation park has been launched support the UAE’s shift from Oil Based economy to to knowledge economy, by infusing an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset into: students, faculty, staff, government and industry.
The main goals is to catalyze the UAE entrepreneurial ecosystem to the next level, and support innovative UAE startups to become ventures, that grow into global businesses.

Sharing the same vision and through our programs and bootcamps based on positive role models, we help inspire and empower this next generation of UAE leaders and provide them with the necessary skills to become the active agents of their lives.


First part: Arab Excellence Inspirational bootcamps on personal Roadmap based on Role Models

During the Arab Excellence workshops, teams analyzed what make and drive several UAE and Arab entrepreneurial leaders. The workshop started with each team choosing one Arab role model (from a portfolio of 5) they would like to learn more from. Each team reviewed video materials provided by Arab Excellence as well as conduct their own research to create a case study. Participants were then be tasked to make a presentation on what they have learnt from this model and then use tools provided by Arab Excellence to create a mind map based around these key learnings.

Articlate the Mission and Purpose: the “Why” and include it on the pitch

They then worked in groups to co create their own vision and personal roadmap and how they can apply what they have learnt from the role models to their own future plans. The focus was about defining their mission and purpose and being able to express it clearly while presenting their Business idea. Indeed, most entrepreneurs focus on the “What” and How, but very few focus on articulated a strong and compelling WHY: Why do you do what you do?

Through exercices based on mind maps and action roadmaps, participants were able to build and articulate a concrete purpose that is relevant with to their own story, and more importantly, managed to include it in their pitch before potential investors and clients.

 2nd Part: Bootcamps and mentoring on communication & networking skills and articulating the vision

  • Inspirational role models: Networking & Oral tips + Role Model best practices
    • 2 role models case studies shared (~10 minute stories for each role model)
    • Communication and Oral skilling session to better articulate the vision and roadmapBest practices on elevator pitch, body language and breathing session üPreparation for pitching in 3 min vision and roadmap
      Oral pitch + interactive feedback
  • Interactive simulation: networking skills
    – Meeting tips: body language, smile, questions to ask
    – Meeting simulations
    – Build a list of potential mentors
    -Building and implementing Pro Active approach construct (email + follow up etc..)

Demo Day

15th of May 2016:

After series of bootcamps, workshops and mentoring in collaboration with a vast panel of experts from around the world, the Science & Innovation Park organized a demo day where the entrepreneurial teams incubated since November 2016 projects, vision and action.

UAEU SIP Demo Day Bezeo from Nihel