AE workshop with orphans – Youssoufia – Morocco

Arab Excellence has organized a workshop at the AMESIP in Rabat, Morocco and invited Double World Champion Nezha Bidouane (400m hurdles) and Deputy Chairman of the CDG Mhammed Grine

Amesip offers care and guidance for street children often seen begging at the Red lights. Most of these children were abandoned by their parents and families.

We showed them messages of hope from Arab role models that we interviewed in Morocco, Tunisia, France and England.
Their eyes lit up and many of them have changed the way they see their future..

Weinteracted with these underprivileged kids and showed them positive success stories in order make them dream again.

They realized that there were able to change their lives if they worked hard. One could see light and will to change in their eyes



AE workshop with orphans - Youssoufia - Morocco