AE bootcamp for Summer@INSEAD program – August 2015

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17th of August 2015 – The Arab Excellence bootcamp at Summer@INSEAD aimed to provide 45 Emirati and international students with a hands-on project (experiential) where they use 2 external elements (video clips of role models and web research) to create a module about insights they have had in shaping THEIR OWN career roadmap. The objectives of the bootcamp were:

– To Inspire and empower students

– To leverage high level role models and provide the students with the tools they need to define and shape their own vision and dream in life, and achieve excellence in the future

During the Arab Excellence workshop, teams analyzed what make and drive several Arab entrepreneurial leaders. The workshop started with each team choosing one Arab role model (from a portfolio of 5) they wanted to learn more from. Each team reviewed video materials provided by Arab Excellence as well as conducted their own research to create a case study. Participants were then tasked to make a presentation on what they have learnt from this model and then use tools provided by Arab Excellence to create a mind map based around these key learnings.

They worked in groups to co create their own vision and career roadmap and how they can apply what they have learnt from the role models to their own future plans. This included working on pragmatic skills such as planning, networking and mentee skills. At the end of the workshop, each team worked on communication skills and presented their work before a panel made of Arab Excellence and staff as well as the rest of the participants. Each presentation was filmed and followed by a short Q&A.

Album and detailed program of the workshop

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Deputy Dean of INSEAD- Peter Zemsky on Arab Excellence camp at INSEAD


 Inspiring testimonial of HOUDA AL SHEHHI – 16 YO 



Inspiring testimonial of Rayyan Versi – 14 YO