Arab Excellence

is a non-profit organization that aims at inspiring and empowering the next generation of young Arab role models. Arab Excellence (AE) empowers youth by helping them set a clear vision for themselves and build a concrete roadmap to achieve it.

Arab Excellence also provides youth in the MENA region with on-going mentorship and a professional network to utilize as they identify their professional vision, build a roadmap, and implement an action plan.

To do so, Arab Excellence aligns itself with role models from across the Arab world that they can culturally relate to. This instills in youth a tremendous amount of inspiration and empowerment, and motivates them to actualize their vision for change.

Based on a platform of positive role models, AE offers youth in the MENA region inspirational and empowering programs that take into consideration the unique challenges that they face on a daily basis, and grants them opportunities to realize their full potential both on a personal and professional level.


Many youth in MENA face stifling political, economic, and cultural challenges on a daily basis that cause a general sense of hopelessness and solidify –for many- the impossibility of breaking through the cycle in order to achieve a brighter future.

Youth unemployment continues to be one of the most significant economic challenges within the MENA countries. In a region where youth account for half of the total population, the frustration resulting from not being able to work and support one’s family is growing exponentially.

The lack of purpose and access to economic opportunities have left many youth vulnerable to extreme ideology and radicalization. Groups like the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) continue to target desperate and unemployed youth, especially in underprivileged communities, and lure them into joining them with the promise of salvation and/or economic stability.


  • In the past 10 years, knowledge has become widely available thanks to internet and the surge of online courses which makes learning a personal responsibility.
  • Lacking hope and a sense of direction can lead some youth to drift into the hands of those involved in crime or military – this could be detrimental not only for the individuals but for the society as a whole.


Population less than 25 years old


Youth Unemployment Rate

9 m

new unemployed youth every year


of Graduates are expected to have jobs yet to be created

IMF Report of January 2018 based on data compiled by:
– Gallup
– International Labor Organization
– International Monetary Fund
– United Nation High Commissioner of Refugees
– World Bank

some reasons behind youth unemployment or underemployment in MENA:

Skills Mismatch

Academic degrees and content not relevant to the job market needs. Youth can not just rely on the traditional education system to be job-ready.

absence of Professional Networks

Cultural barriers to identifying and cultivating a professional network.

Poor Soft Skills

Poor soft skills that are critical to exploring, navigating, and pursuing job opportunities in the  public and private sectors.

Lack of career Orientation

Limited awareness of jobs available. Lack of career guidance despite willingness to work.

Low visibility of Role Models

A psychological barrier shaped by years of cultural and economic struggles, and the absence of role models to expand the realm of possibilities.

We strongly believe that youth hold the solutions to these challenges.

the Best way to empower them is to give them the 21st century tools and guidance to empower themselves!

How We Impact

Our program aims to empower and inspire students and fresh graduates by providing them with the training, mentorship, and network needed to achieve their professional goals and aspirations in a number of pre-identified fields.
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Arab Excellence is working with incubators and accelerators to provide start-ups with training, workshops, and business mentoring. These workshops aim to inspire and empower the founders by helping them define the company purpose and vision and align it with their personal vision, articulate a concrete roadmap to achieve it, strengthen team cohesion, build and implement an efficient go-to-market approach, develop keys skills such as networking and public speaking skills, among others…

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Arab Excellence’s educational and training programs aim at nurturing creativity and excellence by showcasing and exploring the various options to solving a given situation, and the routes available to achieving a given goal. The training programs were developed based on the life experiences and success stories of Arab role models in MENA and around the world, who defied political, cultural, and economic odds and excelled in their respective fields. They are the true personification of ‘Arab Excellence’. Their determination, commitment, and creativity is what Arab Excellence aims to instill in the targeted population.

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“I would like to thank you for the kind invitation to participate in your Arab Excellence initiative. I admire the project you and your colleagues have started and wish you much success” Late Dr. Ahmed Zewail

Nobel Prize of Chemistry

“Arab Excellence instills in today’s youth hope and faith in their ability to achieve their dreams and their goals.
In Morocco, they are perpetuating the heritage of pioneers like Nawale El Moutawakeel and Hicham El Guerrouj. They provide todays’ young generation with self-confidence and hope for their future”

Thomas Bach

President of the International Olympic Commitee

“I think that the Arab Excellence program is in crucial need in this part of the world. Stories and real experiences of people that are close to us and that we can relate to can really change how you view things.”

Omar Samra

Youngest Arab to climb the Everest and to go to Space



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