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Fostering Excellence through a global platform of Role Models to Inspire & Empower

Arab Excellence is a non-profit organization that offers youth in the Middle East and North Africa MENA region inspirational empowering programs that take into consideration the unique daily challenges they face, and provide them with opportunities to realize their full potential both on a personal and professional level.

To do so, Arab Excellence aligns with industry leaders and role models from across the Arab world and enables them to share their personal success stories, lessons learned, and best industry practices with the region’s youth. This encounter with role models from the region to whom they can relate culturally provides a tremendous amount of inspiration and empowerment to the youth, and motivates them to actualize their vision for change.

Arab Excellence empowers youth by helping them set a concrete vision for themselves and build a concrete roadmap to achieve it. Arab Excellence also provides the region’s youth with on-going mentorship and a professional network to utilize as they identify and implement their professional vision, roadmap and action-plan.

Arab Excellence’s educational and training programs aim to nurture creativity and excellence by showcasing and exploring the various options to solving a given situation, and the routes available to achieving a given goal. The training programs were developed based on the life experiences and success stories of Arab role models in MENA and around the world, who defied political, cultural, and economic odds and excelled in their respective field. They are the true personification of ‘Arab Excellence’. Their determination, commitment, and creativity is what Arab Excellence aims to instil in the targeted population.  

“We strongly believe that the solution to the education challenges is within the students and that the Best way to empower the youth is give them the tools and guidance they need to empower themselves!”

Arab Excellence youth-focused training programs have been shared with and taught in a number of reputable entities in MENA and globally including INSEAD (ranked best MBA program in the world 2016 & 2017 by the FT), the UAE University SIP, Stanford and The British School of AbuDhabi.

In Saudi Arabia, Arab Excellence has been supported by J.P.Morgan to deliver a program for 74 unemployed youth, in partnership with Tanweel, Buniane and Al Nahda foundation.

Additionally, It has successfully developed and delivered programs for hundreds of young Saudis at Effat University, Al Faisal University, al Birr and Al Ghad Foundation.  

In Morocco, ArabExcellence was supported by the Moroccan Stock Exchange to deliver program for for underprivileged Moroccan students.

Arab Excellence leadership works actively to share the organization’s experience with the public, and has addressed the topic of youth empowerment at a number of local and international events, including INSEAD’s Graduation Ceremony, the United Nations Forum in China (UNOSSC & UNAIDS), the Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul, The OECD Annual Committee in Paris, the Dean International Council of the University of Chicago Harris in Doha, HEC Paris, the American University of Beirut among others.

Hamza Chraibi, Arab Excellence’s Founder and General Manager, has been selected as a Change Maker by the International Olympic Committee (the Olympic Movement) and has been invited to advise the Committee’s president, Thomas Bach, on issues related to youth empowerment and legacy.

NB: Arab Excellence does not target any particular ethnic or religious group ; we simply focus on fostering excellence across the Arab Region, regardless religion, origin and political views. We target Arab and non Arab youth without distinction.


Peter Zemsky: Deputy Dean of INSEAD on Arab Excellence programs for the youth




“I would like to thank you for the kind invitation to participate in your Arab Excellence initiative. I admire the project you and your colleagues have started and wish you much success”


Dr Ahmed Zewail : Nobel Prize of Chemistry (1999)

“أود أن أشكركم على هذه الدعوة الكريمة للمشاركة في مبادرة الإمتيازالعربي. أنا معجب بالمشروع  وأتمنى لك و لزملائك المزيد من النجاح”

(الدكتور أحمد زويل: جائزة نوبل في الكيمياء (1999



Jalloul Ayed: Former minister of Finance  in Tunisia (transition) and composer of symphonies

“الإمتياز العربي هو مشروع ممتاز. اردت دائما خلال حياتي تطوير مثل هذه المبادرة ولكن لم تتح لي الفرصة”

 جلول عياد: وزير المالية السابق وملحن سمفونيات الكلاسيكية






“I think the Arab Excellence program is in crucial need in this part of the world. Stories and real experiences of people that are close to us and we can relate to can really change how you view things.

   Omar Samra Youngest Arab to climb the Everest and to go the Space    

اعتقد ان العالم العربي في حاجة ماسة إلى مثل هذه المشاريع .  تمكن قصص و تجارب حقيقية من ناس قريبة منا من تغيير  نظرتنا على العالم.

عمر سمرة – أصغر عربي يصعد إلي جبل افرست ويذهب للفضاء 





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